Edumagic by Samantha Fecich book coverFecich, S. (2018) EduMagic. Alexandria: EduMatch.

I first heard about this book through ISTE. The title intrigued me as did the concept of the book. I was in the middle of prepping for my Technology in the Classroom course I am teaching starting this week and was already committed to another book study through ISTE so I passed on the book study for the book but, picked it up in case I could find some time to read it. I did find some time to read it and would recommend anyone who is in education to read the book. It is a quick and easy read that provides insight on how to build your career as an educator. While it is geared toward preservice teachers, I think it would beneift anyone in education at any level.

For me, I was really excited to read this book after I listened to a podcast from Teachers need Teachers where Kim Lepre interviewed Samantha Fecich to discuss her book on September 4, 2018. I stumbled across this podcast while looking for resources for my technology in the Classroom course that just started. I was so inspired when I listened to Sam Fecich talk about her passion for preservice teachers and wanting to help them be successful. She teaches a class similar to the one I am teaching and hearing about the activities she does in her course and how closely they aligned to what I was planning for my course gave me a boost of confindence that I was headed in the right direction. I knew I needed to include this podcast in my course but also that I needed to move this book to the top of my priority list to help me be a better instructor for my students.

As Samantha Fecich lays out the book using the acronym EDUMAGIC, the reader is able to focus on one section at a time and chose what areas they would like to focus on. For me, the INCONCEIVABLE! chapter is one of my favorites as it highlights how technology integration should work by allowing teachers to have students do things that were previously unthinkable. Imagine being able to have your students in a rural community talk with marine biologists and explore a reef via AR/VR before they complete a project on ocean environments. How deep would your students understanding be now rather than through the use of traditonal textbooks and videos in class with some research on ocean environments? The impact that technology can have on students engagement with the concepts they are learning is truely inconceivable when technology is thoughtfully integrated into the classroom.

While I chose not to have a textbook for my class this year, I might consider adding this book as the textbook the next time I choose to teach this class. I feel that the preservice students that I teach would benefit from this book as it is written specifically to help them navigate through this time in their career as educators. I love how Samantha Fecich continues to point out they are educators already throughout the book. She encourages preservice teachers by telling them their voice is important to the converstations about education going on around them and to start joining that converstation now by building their PLN and attending conferences. I alos love that she provides insight from students that have been in her class and are now teachers about how the information helped them in getting jobs when they graduated.

I am sad that I was not able to particpate in the book study for this book but I was already overwhelmed with other commitments at work and at home. I may try to get our education department at the college to read the book and do a book study over either the summer or the next semester or see if I can find another group that is doing a book study over this book and join. I am glad I made time to read this book before my class started as it provided me with insight and confirmation that I was on the right track with my plans for the course I am teaching now. I will be applying what I learned to my course and hope that I am able to help prepare this group of preservice teachers to integrate technology into their classrooms with confidence and feel comfortable preparing their students to be successful when they leave high school.

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